The Wager (2004)

Release Date : 8 March 2004
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Runtime : 88 min
Director : Sigur-Björn
Stars : Chris Devlin, Kristine Alexandria, Burt Young
Story : The Wager is a comedy with a tongue-in-cheek look at the Hollywood Film Industry. It stars Oscar nominee Burt Young (Chinatown, Rocky etc) as studio boss Jack Stockman who makes a bet with a hotshot independent producer. The Indie producer…

Cyber Wars (2004)

Release Date : 15 September 2004
Genres : Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Runtime : 103 min
Director : Jian Hong Kuo
Stars : Genevieve O’Reilly, Luoyong Wang, Kay Siu Lim
Story : In a future Singapore, CyberLink is used for communication, monetary transaction and records of all citizens. Headhunter Dash is commissioned to find Edward Chan. Why are so many interested in him?

Brass Tacks (2004)

Release Date : 16 April 2004
Genre : Drama, Music, Romance
Runtime : 96 min
Director : Gavin Dougan
Stars : Kebbi Williams, Eisa Davis, Patrick Byrne
Story : A gritty vérité story of young, hungry and super-talented musicians struggling to find the promised land of a record deal – without selling out.

Alone and Restless (2004)

Release Date : 5 November 2004
Genre : Drama
Runtime : 80 min
Director : Michael Thomas Dunn
Stars : Martin Seijo, Jamie Belanger, Caterina Christakos
Story : Locked in a battle to control the downtown drug trade, Mace must fight for his street gang as a young hustler named Ponch tries to take him out. Caught in the middle of the drug war are homeless drifters Jason and Molly.

Killer Weekend (2004)

Release Date : 10 February 2004
Genre : Mystery, Thriller
Runtime : 92 min
Director : Fabien Pruvot
Stars : Robert Miano, Al Sapienza, John Castellanos
Story : A series of murders at a Santa Barbara beach house has three couples terrified for their own safety and pitted against one another. The murderer had to have been one of them.

Close Call (2004)

Release Date : 16 April 2004
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
Runtime : 93 min
Director : Jimmy Lee
Stars : Annie Lee, Philip Moon, Jan Devereaux
Story : In Los Angeles, the young Jenny has a nice childhood with her Korean parents Joanne and David Kim. However, after the divorce of her parents, the judge gives her custody to her selfish mother that neglects Jenny while the disappointed …

Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)

Release Date : 18 August 2004
Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Runtime : 114 min
Director : Renny Harlin
Stars : Stellan Skarsgård, Izabella Scorupco, James D’Arcy
Story : Years before Father Lankester Merrin helped save Regan MacNeil’s soul, he first encounters the demon Pazuzu in East Africa. This is the tale of Father Merrin’s initial battle with Pazuzu and the rediscovery of his faith.

La valse des gros derrières (2004)

Release Date : 23 June 2004
Genre : Drama
Runtime : 72 min
Director : Jean Odoutan
Stars : Mata Gabin, Jean Odoutan, Claudia Tagbo
Story :

Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers (2004)

Release Date : 2004
Genre : Action, Adventure
Runtime : 85 min
Director : Terri Cascimo, Val Franco
Stars : Diana DeLaCruz, Lisa Jane Lukies, Mark Ehrlich
Story :

Straight Into Darkness (2004)

Release Date : January 2004
Genre : Action, Drama, Horror
Runtime : 95 min
Director : Jeff Burr
Stars : Ryan Francis, Scott MacDonald, Linda Thorson
Story : Western Europe, 1945. The gentle, thoughtful, and sensitive Losey and the mean, base, and vicious Deming are two radically contrasting American soldiers who desert their platoons during the final days of World War II. The pair stumble …