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Duga mracna noc (2004)

Release Date : 7 March 2004
Genre : Drama, War
Runtime : 200 min
Director : Antun Vrdoljak
Stars : Goran Visnjic, Mustafa Nadarevic, Ivo Gregurevic
Story : "Duga mraèna noæ" is a story about Croatian partisans fight Hitler’s troops during WWII.

In Enemy Hands (2004)

Release Date : 25 February 2004
Genre : Drama, Thriller, War
Runtime : 94 min
Director : Tony Giglio
Stars : William H. Macy, Til Schweiger, Thomas Kretschmann
Story : When American submarine Swordfish is torpedoed the survivors are picked up by a passing German U-boat but an outbreak of meningitis threatens all aboard.

The Edelweiss Pirates (2004)

Release Date : 29 August 2004
Genre : Drama, History, War
Runtime : 111 min
Director : Niko von Glasow
Stars : Ivan Stebunov, Bela B., Jochen Nickel
Story : Cologne-Ehrenfeld, November 1944. They’re young, wild and rebellious, like young people anywhere and in any time. But working-class boys Karl and his younger brother Peter are Edelweiss Pirates. They oppose the Nazis, and are pursued by …