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Cannes Film Festival 2019 (2019)

Release Date : 6 June 2019
Genre : News, Reality-TV, Talk-Show
Runtime : 91 min
Director : Mark Headley
Stars :
Story : A visit to Cannes Film Festival 2019 and footage of some events.

Machetero (2008)

Release Date : 3 June 2008
Genre : Crime, Drama, News
Runtime : 98 min
Director : vagabond Beaumont
Stars : Isaach De Bankolé, Not4Prophet, Kelvin Fernandez
Story : Post 9/11 definitions, ideas and notions of terrorism are challenged in this highly controversial and experimental film. Machetero is an allegorical narrative that follows French journalist Jean Dumont, to a New York prison where he …

Help Catalonia, save Europe (2017)

Release Date : 2 October 2017
Genre : News
Runtime : 95 min
Director :
Stars : Anna Maruny
Story :

The 38th Annual Young Artist Awards (2017)

Release Date : 2017
Genre : Family, News
Runtime : 95 min
Director : Chris M. Allport
Stars : Danny Glover, Ernie Reyes Jr., Christian Convery
Story : Established in 1978, the Young Artist Awards is Hollywood’s longest running awards show that recognizes and honors young talent. Through year-round support, participants are groomed for greater achievements in their craft.

The Red Effect (2017)

Release Date : 2 February 2017
Genre : Drama, News
Runtime : 92 min
Director : Jordan Miller
Stars : Rachel Addai, Nateice Aisha, Tracey Allyn
Story : Tensions rise in a southeast Washington, DC community following the deadly shooting of an unarmed black teenager at the hands of a white man. An impromptu television interview shortly after the shooting captures a powerful rant by …

Pride of Indiana (2017)

Release Date : 2017
Genre : Comedy, History, News
Runtime : 68 min
Director : Levi Austin Morris
Stars : Emerson Gregori, Alex Paige Fream, Allison Lobel
Story : Tensions flare, church choirs sing, and gays gallivant as Samuel Hicks, a recently out Hollywood star, returns to his hometown of Brooks, Indiana with a documentary film crew in hopes of bringing attention to recently passed legislation. …

Affected (2010)

Release Date : 2010
Genre : Drama, News, Thriller
Runtime : 90 min
Director : Ash and Naeem Mahmood, Ash and Naeem Mahmood
Stars :
Story : Natural resources are running out and a mysterious man known as the Tempter is goading people to fight for the luxuries they want. Teenage documentary maker Jacob and his girlfriend Laura take their camera to the scene of his last crime on…

Minus One (2010)

Release Date : 16 May 2010
Genre : Drama, News, War
Runtime : 82 min
Director : Jon Osbeck, Marc Wiskemann
Stars : Jon Osbeck, Roger Bailey, Remy Brommer
Story : When three soldiers from am Army Reserve unit are called to fight in the Middle East, they must prepare themselves for the possibility of never returning home.

Le principe du plaisir (2010)

Release Date : 2010
Genre : Drama, News
Runtime : 78 min
Director : Diego Costa
Stars : Mike Nietomertz, Mohamed Ouni
Story : An illegal Tunisian immigrant wanders the streets of Paris. A bourgeois gay Jew wanders the rooms of his apartment. Once in a while they meet and engage in games of seduction. Provocative dialogue and raw contemplation of the male body …

Brasil S/A (2014)

Release Date : 18 September 2014
Genre : Adventure, News
Runtime : 64 min
Director : Marcelo Pedroso
Stars : Edilson Silva, Clebia Sousa
Story : Brazilian Dream is fruit of reflection on Brazil today. We Brazilians are used to seeing the country as peripheral, subaltern, poor and third-world. But in recent years Brazil has experienced rampant transformation that has reconfigured …