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Butch Hartman’s OAXIS Plan (2018)

Release Date : 24 June 2018
Genre : News
Runtime : 64 min
Director :
Stars : Rachel Charman, PieGuyRulz
Story :

Sensibilisation aux risques psychosociaux (2015)

Release Date : 2015
Genre : News
Runtime : 60 min
Director : Ente
Stars : Sydney’
Story :

Rain storm (2015)

Release Date : 2015
Genre : News
Runtime : 46 min
Director : Yi Feng Chen
Stars :
Story : The outline of the story: According to the true event adaptation. Challenges in confined space; A person, a car, buried under the debris…… Thrilling 45 minutes, full of betrayal, abandonment and despair; Insurance companies do not …

Understanding Pain in Older Age (2015)

Release Date : 2015
Genre : Biography, Family, News
Runtime : 76 min
Director : Luciana Lagana
Stars : Luciana Lagana
Story : This thought-provoking feature documentary will make you think twice before assuming that older adults who complain about pain are doing it just to get attention. Approximately 100 million American adults report living in chronic pain: …

Xi He (2015)

Release Date : 2015
Genre : Drama, Family, News
Runtime : 105 min
Director : Wei Zhang
Stars : Jun Feng, Jingyi Huang, Jingke Liang
Story : Xi He’s mother is fighting for her autistic son to have the right to a normal education.

Five Pillars (2015)

Release Date : 22 September 2015
Genre : Drama, News, Thriller
Runtime : 86 min
Director : Jon Rosling
Stars : Tom Bott, Aaron Jeffcoate, Adam Probets
Story : The lives of vastly separate people collide in interweaving stories of liberty, identity, tolerance, responsibility and class.

A Fighting Season (2015)

Release Date : 14 March 2015
Genre : Drama, News, War
Runtime : 82 min
Director : Oden Roberts
Stars : Clayne Crawford, Lew Temple, JB Majors
Story : On the brink of the 2007 U.S. troop surge, two Army Recruiters (Clayne Crawford & Lew Temple) face the daunting pressures of recruitment while their own deployment is on the line.

Sun Flower: Himawari (2015)

Release Date : 22 December 2015
Genre : Drama, News
Runtime : 66 min
Director : Kazuhiro Kiuchi
Stars : Masaaki Kouno, Kengo Matsuzaki, Seiya Nakano
Story : 150 days after the Great East Japan Earthquake, in the fictional town of Izu. Akemi, a girl from the Tohoku region, constantly carries with her a sunflower, firmly believing in its ability to absorb radioactivity. She has evacuated here to…

Max Trinitys Trickle Up Global Economics and the 250Boycott (2009)

Release Date : 2009
Genre : News
Runtime : 47 min
Director :
Stars : Kelly Florez
Story : Promotion of the 250BOYCOTT, a movement to boycott and ban home rents and mortgages in favor of Sanctuary Home Titles. A movement to END homelessness globally and peacefully by utilizing the portability and power of a new symbol. The …

Soul Diaspora (2009)

Release Date : 2009
Genre : Crime, Drama, News
Runtime : 106 min
Director : Odera Ozoka
Stars : Sadiq Abu, Donald Ajluni, Clotilde Delavennat
Story : In Los-Angeles 2001, in the city of Van Nuys, CA; a group of characters will interact with each other and change the course of their lives forever.