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Waiting for Revolution (2011)

Release Date : May 2011
Genre : Comedy, Drama, News
Runtime : 77 min
Director : Sam Fruzzetti
Stars : Sam Fruzzetti, Mike Rosscoe
Story : Simon is a student of political science in Washington, DC that has grown totally disillusioned with the way the world works. This leads to him feeling helpless and hopeless, but he is content to party away his time and energy. Things begin…

Be a Millionaire with Ishah (2011)

Release Date : 24 October 2011
Genre : News
Runtime : 54 min
Director : Ishah Laurah Wright
Stars : Angela, Clement Humbard, Frances Humbard
Story : How Ishah Wright became a millionaire, now more perfected by Ishah Wright to give you the real chance to do the same! This is from a Christian perspective and is in FULL HD!

Ja en tenim prou (2007)

Release Date : 26 April 2007
Genre : News
Runtime : 90 min
Director : Antoni P. Canet, Eduardo Guillot, Mónica Ibáñez
Stars : Xavi Castillo, Alfons Cervera, Rafa Xambó
Story : A documentary composed by 87 critic shorts of different genres made in order to inform people about unknown news of recent facts of Valencia.

The Hurricane That Shook America (2005)

Release Date : 10 October 2005
Genre : News
Runtime : 98 min
Director : Ewa Ewart
Stars :
Story :

Metamorfosi Digitali (2016)

Release Date : 28 May 2016
Genre : News
Runtime : 50 min
Director :
Stars :
Story : Filmed theatre play about technology’s impact on everyday life.

She Was Famous (2016)

Release Date : 18 October 2016
Genre : Drama, News
Runtime : 93 min
Director : Kenna J. Moore
Stars : Jennifer Downes, Jake Olson, Valley Rich
Story : Jill, a recent college dropout and widow, can’t seem to get life right. While ruining all of her remaining relationships, she finds herself going down some twisted rabbit hole inspired by her recent discovery of Karl Marx and the German …

Vi de udsatte (2016)

Release Date : 16 January 2016
Genre : News
Runtime : 92 min
Director : Niels Christiansen
Stars : Daniel Shamitha Bendtsen, Lissa Buddig, Annette Buur
Story :

The Trolls (2016)

Release Date : 11 October 2016
Genre : Comedy, History, News
Runtime : 97 min
Director : Phillip Lybrand
Stars : Rob Gagnon, Lisa Friedrich, Katie Pengra
Story : A Texas tech start-up breaks every crowdfunding record in the books, but they lose it all when a patent troll shuts them down. Refusing to go down without a fight, our heroes use a legal loophole to beat the trolls at their own game. By …

6 Angry Women (2016)

Release Date : 22 February 2016
Genre : Crime, Drama, News
Runtime : 71 min
Director : Sridhar Reddy
Stars : Alexandra Bennett, Barbara Figgins, Katelin Healy
Story : A young, unarmed black teenager is shot by a white neighborhood watchman. It is up to a jury of six to decide whether or not the man is guilty of murder. Inheriting the classic 12 ANGRY MEN and shadowing the incendiary current events of …

Did She Say That with Sonnie Johnson (2016)

Release Date : 2 February 2016
Genre : News
Runtime : 92 min
Director :
Stars : JaVonni Brustow, Sonnie Johnson
Story :