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Clownery (2020)

Release Date : 2020
Genre : Horror
Runtime : 80 min
Director : Eros D’Antona
Stars : Kateryna Korchynska, Serena P. Palmisano, Alex D’Antona
Story : After a terrible trauma on her birthday, Emma chooses not to celebrate it again. But when she turns 21, a friend of her breaks the ritual with a surprise party, unaware of awakening horrors, which for years have been waiting in the darkness.

Cremated (2020)

Release Date : 31 March 2020
Genre : Horror
Runtime : 90 min
Director : K.J. Karving
Stars : Mercery Maddok
Story : After a disturbing phone call, Elaine Ward is desperate to summon her deceased husband from the dead.

The Toll (2020)

Release Date : 13 July 2020
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Runtime : 80 min
Director : Michael Nader
Stars : Jordan Hayes, Max Topplin, James McGowan
Story : A socially awkward driver and a weary passenger try to make it to their destination while being haunted by a supernatural threat.

Skinned (2020)

Release Date : 13 April 2020
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Runtime : 98 min
Director : Terry Lee Coker
Stars : Lewis Kirk, Noeleen Comiskey, Joel Rothwell
Story : Eva is an undercover cop, with the reputation of going too far to solve a case. On the hunt for a serial killer, who tattoos and skins his victims, she meets Nathan and starts to get close to him. Little does she know that Nathan is the …

Brahms: The Boy II (2020)

Release Date : 19 February 2020
Genre : Drama, Horror, Mystery
Runtime : 86 min
Director : William Brent Bell
Stars : Katie Holmes, Christopher Convery, Owain Yeoman
Story : After a family moves into the Heelshire Mansion, their young son soon makes friends with a life-like doll called Brahms.

The Curse of Hobbes House (2020)

Release Date : 15 December 2020
Genre : Drama, Horror
Runtime : 83 min
Director : Juliane Block
Stars : Mhairi Calvey, Makenna Guyler, Waleed Elgadi
Story : When down on her luck Jane Dormant learns about the death of her Aunt Alexandra she expects a life-saving inheritance but finds herself battling bloodthirsty Zombies instead, fighting for her life.

Fear Pharm (2020)

Release Date : 11 September 2020
Genre : Horror
Runtime : 79 min
Director : Dante Yore
Stars : John Littlefield, Tiana Tuttle, Aimee Stolte
Story : Four people enter a corn maze for Halloween and are picked off one by one by the twisted family who own the scare attraction.

Take Off Your Clothes (2020)

Release Date : 1 April 2020
Genre : Horror
Runtime : 120 min
Director : Michael Sean Erickson
Stars : Mark Justice, Michael Sean Erickson
Story : Walter Whipple is a man with distinct tastes. Among them are a cat, a box of cigars, and an exotic dancer named the Restless Cowboy. Take one of them away, and he will do something with the other two which will make you cringe. It is going…

Andhaghaaram (2020)

Release Date : 23 November 2020
Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Runtime : 171 min
Director : V. Vignarajan
Stars : Vinoth Kishan, Arjun Das, Pooja Ramachandran
Story : As a blind librarian, dispirited cricketer and desolate psychiatrist each seek retribution and release, their lives overlap under eerie influences.

Relic (2020)

Release Date : 25 January 2020
Genre : Drama, Horror, Mystery
Runtime : 89 min
Director : Natalie Erika James
Stars : Robyn Nevin, Emily Mortimer, Bella Heathcote
Story : A daughter, mother and grandmother are haunted by a manifestation of dementia that consumes their family’s home.