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La leyenda del payaso asesino (2020)

Release Date : 15 March 2020
Genre : Horror
Runtime : 90 min
Director : Abel Portillo
Stars : Sergi Sáez, Micky Roman, Dulós Domènech
Story :

LOL & The Rise of Evil (2020)

Release Date : 15 January 2020
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Horror
Runtime : 55 min
Director : Pieter van den Wats
Stars : Walbert de Boer, Pieter van den Wats
Story : LOL is back! This time our characters are showing that extreme stand-up comedy and real interaction with real people has a place in the world! Based on true events. Follow good and evil during their journey.

Pandamonium (2020)

Release Date : 2 March 2020
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Runtime : 86 min
Director : Mj Dixon
Stars : David Hon Ma Chu, Oriana Charles, Dani Thompson
Story : Arielle’s first day at work spirals into Pandemonium as a serial killer locks his sights on the after office party.

Cult of Nightmares (2020)

Release Date : 5 April 2020
Genre : Horror, Sci-Fi
Runtime : 87 min
Director : David Paul Scott
Stars : Damian Romeo, Carrie Evaristo, April Lee
Story : An insomnia medication with dark ties to the military causes nightmarish side effects with global implications.

Faces of the Dead (2020)

Release Date : 22 May 2020
Genre : Horror
Runtime : 110 min
Director : Will Collazo Jr., Tanner McGarr, Kyle Rappaport
Stars : Maggie Alexander, Lloyd Kaufman, Shawn C. Phillips
Story : Dr. Boobenstein hosts the ultimate zombie anthology film. She brings you 5 tales of Undead Terror with some big surprises along the way.

Playhouse (2020)

Release Date : 28 August 2020
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Runtime : 87 min
Director : Fionn Watts, Toby Watts
Stars : Rebecca Calienda, Grace Courtney, Mathilde Darmady
Story : In a remote Scottish castle, an irreverent writer faces terrifying consequences when his daughter falls prey to an evil curse lurking within the walls. Written by Toby Watts

Triggered (2020)

Release Date : 28 August 2020
Genre : Action, Comedy, Horror
Runtime : 94 min
Director : Alastair Orr
Stars : Reine Swart, Russell Crous, Liesl Ahlers
Story : 9 old high school "friends" have a 5 year reunion camping in a forest. They all have secrets. Their old science teacher straps a time-bomb to each of them. Killing another gives one their time. Last one lives.

Deep Web (2020)

Release Date : 1 February 2020
Genre : Crime, Horror, Thriller
Runtime : 80 min
Director : Jessy Dupont
Stars : Mark Aylward, Alexandre Ballard, Jeremy Bernard
Story : A gamer meets a girl on an online forum who introduces him to the deep web an underground network where anything is possible. The pair quickly finds themselves falling dangerously into the depths of a world neither of them knew existed.

Hell’s Bells (2020)

Release Date : 17 April 2020
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Runtime : 80 min
Director : Jim O’Rear, Scott Tepperman
Stars : Marc Price, Paul Van Scott, Jim O’Rear
Story : HELL’S BELLS is the story of two aging idiots who accidentally make a deal with the Devil to fulfill their life-long dream of being rock stars and the hi-jinx that ensue when it’s time to pay the Reaper.

Fifty Six (2020)

Release Date : 1 March 2020
Genre : Horror
Runtime : 90 min
Director : James Mudge
Stars : Mengqi He
Story : A camerawoman takes a job following a Chinese actress over a weekend in the Scottish countryside, which soon turns into something more sinister and bizarre.