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Deep Astronomy and the Romantic Sciences (2020)

Release Date : 2020
Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Musical
Runtime : 90 min
Director : Cory McAbee
Stars : Rudy Dejesus, Meredith Adelaide, Michi Muzyka
Story : Grace is a robot incognito whose primary function is to represent humanity based on a generalization created from all social media and wireless communications. Rudy is her final test.

Last and First Men (2020)

Release Date : 25 February 2020
Genre : Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Runtime : 70 min
Director : Jóhann Jóhannsson
Stars : Tilda Swinton
Story : Two billion years ahead of us, a future race of humans finds itself on the verge of extinction. Almost all that is left in the world are lone and surreal monuments, beaming their message into the wilderness.

Phylum Sipuncula (2020)

Release Date : 29 June 2020
Genre : Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Runtime : 72 min
Director : Matt Orefice, Austin Rich
Stars : Hank N. Baker, Henry S Brown Jr., Travis Doane
Story : A boy falls ill as doctors feel uneasy.

A Yellow Animal (2020)

Release Date : 24 January 2020
Genre : Drama, Fantasy
Runtime : 115 min
Director : Felipe Bragança
Stars : Higor Campagnaro, Isabél Zuaa, Catarina Wallenstein
Story : How to make a film in a country that is losing its identity? This is the question facing Fernando: a bankrupt, thirty-something-white-male filmmaker from Brazil.

Space Vampire (2020)

Release Date : 10 September 2020
Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Runtime : 90 min
Director : Chris Alexander
Stars : Ali Chappell, Cheryl Singleton
Story : A woman plagued by violent visions walks the world alone as if in a dream. A multi-media meditation on the vampire.

A Casa (2020)

Release Date : 28 July 2020
Genre : Crime, Drama, Fantasy
Runtime : 85 min
Director : Raül Busquets
Stars : Debbie García, José García Ruiz, Paco Moreno
Story : Nanu gets involved in a robbery committed by his colleague and both contact an old friend in the area. Along the way, an unknown woman’s claim and their own precariousness lead them to a strange house where their existence is trapped in a …

The Big Nothing (2020)

Release Date : 13 February 2020
Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery
Runtime : 66 min
Director : Keaton Landis
Stars : Joe Bongiovanni, Cambell Dodson, Richard Eggly
Story : In 1973 Los Angeles, a young and naive private detective named Jack Delacourt eagerly takes on his first big case, the inexplicable disappearance of former Hollywood movie star Lydia Fairfax’s favorite daughter Caroline. The atmosphere is …

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020)

Release Date : 13 November 2020
Genre : Family, Fantasy, Musical
Runtime : 122 min
Director : David E. Talbert
Stars : Forest Whitaker, Keegan-Michael Key, Hugh Bonneville
Story : An imaginary world comes to life in a holiday tale of an eccentric toymaker, his adventurous granddaughter, and a magical invention that has the power to change their lives forever.

Deranged (2020)

Release Date : 2020
Genre : Crime, Drama, Fantasy
Runtime : 90 min
Director : Alex Waters
Stars : J Ma, Tracy Walsh, Aleisha Creed
Story :

Enipheres (2020)

Release Date : 4 July 2020
Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Runtime : 90 min
Director : Rachel F. Betts, Mike Breyer
Stars : Lynne Newton, Mike Breyer, Jason Washington
Story : After realizing she is the link to saving the inhabitants of earth, one woman takes on a corrupt corporation where she exposes the truths about the human mind.