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The Blue Mountain (2020)

Release Date : 2020
Genre : Adventure, Family
Runtime : 90 min
Director : Andrew Greve
Stars : Gabriel Rush, Jenny Paul, Andrew Greve
Story : In Jamaica, a U.S A.I.D worker named Jack, and his son Michael, hike to the top of Blue Mountain, hoping to see Cuba, only finding something else when they reach the summit.

Dolittle (2020)

Release Date : 1 January 2020
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Family
Runtime : 101 min
Director : Stephen Gaghan
Stars : Robert Downey Jr., Antonio Banderas, Michael Sheen
Story : A physician who can talk to animals embarks on an adventure to find a legendary island with a young apprentice and a crew of strange pets.

Dragevokteren (2020)

Release Date : 30 October 2020
Genre : Family, Fantasy
Runtime : 82 min
Director : Katarina Launing
Stars : Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Kyrre Haugen Sydness, Kai Kolstad Rødseth
Story : Nine year old Gina befriends a newborn dragon, together they will turn Christmas upside down and literary put it on fire.

Selfie Dad (2020)

Release Date : 19 June 2020
Genre : Comedy, Family
Runtime : 97 min
Director : Brad J. Silverman
Stars : Michael Jr., Chonda Pierce, James Denton
Story : Ben Marcus "Michael Jr.", a former stand-up comic in mid-life crisis, tries to become a social-media star until he and his family are radically changed by the Bible.

Pickles and Chocolate Cake (2020)

Release Date : 1 December 2020
Genre : Family
Runtime : 84 min
Director :
Stars : Theora Balsam
Story : A family’s adventures at their weekend country farmhouse.

Emily and the Magical Journey (2020)

Release Date : 7 July 2020
Genre : Family, Fantasy
Runtime : 85 min
Director : Marcus Ovnell
Stars : Harriet Slater, Chelsea Edge, Tipper Seifert-Cleveland
Story : Emily and her mother live alone after losing her father. She wants to help her mother find happiness and to learn about the father she never knew. When Emily finds a mysterious chest that transports her to a magical world, she meets …

Jumping the Gun (2020)

Release Date : 21 February 2020
Genre : Comedy, Family, Sport
Runtime : 85 min
Director : Stephen Ihli
Stars : David Burke, Max Gail, Kim Myers
Story : To the embarrassment of his wife and their daughter, a failed but ever optimistic inventor strives to create a new Olympic sport: the 100 meter Jump Rope Sprint.

Skullz (2020)

Release Date : 24 February 2020
Genre : Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Runtime : 90 min
Director : Deanna Dewey
Stars : Henry Douthwaite, Tim Faraday, Amy Loughton
Story : Find the skull. Break the curse.

Cover Me (2020)

Release Date : 20 August 2020
Genre : Drama, Family
Runtime : 88 min
Director : Phillip Abraham
Stars : Jules Willcox, Danny Trejo, Jesse Metcalfe
Story : Mia Stone is faced with an eerie supernatural opportunity when a strange encounter with an eccentric man gives her a second chance at saving her company, marriage, family, and future.

Amanda and the Easter Bunny (2020)

Release Date : 1 May 2020
Genre : Family
Runtime : 63 min
Director : Valeska Freire
Stars : Timothy Banfield, Sonila Durollari Crisp, Patrick A. McCall
Story : A young girl goes on an adventure with the Easter Bunny. Amanda walks the woods trying to find a treasure, but little does she know that her day will be full of wolves and evil plumbers.