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Aagman: The Arrival (2020)

Release Date : 31 May 2020
Genre : Family
Runtime : 90 min
Director : Neera Varsha Parsan
Stars : Arun Bissoon, Asha Bissoon, Ashram Bissoon
Story : Aagman depicts the story of East Indian indentureship in Trinidad and Tobago. It features the trials that four different characters faced and what contributed to them leaving their homeland to venture into a new, unknown future.

Remnants of the Fallen (2020)

Release Date : 2020
Genre : Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Runtime : 90 min
Director :
Stars : Danny Trejo, Ashlyn Casalegno, Bianca D’Ambrosio
Story : A group of five young warriors-in-training practically stumble into the dark realm and soon realize leaving isn’t as simple as backtracking their steps.

Tiny light (2020)

Release Date : 23 January 2020
Genre : Drama, Family
Runtime : 89 min
Director : Minjae Cho
Stars : Hyun Kim, Jin-Moo Kwak, Shin Moon Sung
Story : Jinmu starts to record things he should remember with a camera after hearing that he could lose his memory due to the prearranged brain surgery. Memories of family and his forgotten father comes to Jinmu’s mind as he takes records of his life.

Sethum Aayiram Pon (2020)

Release Date : 1 April 2020
Genre : Family
Runtime : 102 min
Director : Anand Ravichandran
Stars : Nivedhithaa Sathish, Ratha Krishnan, Avinash Raghudevan
Story : An emotional story centered around a granddaughter and her grandmother, set amidst the background of an ancient mourning rituals in India.

To the Beat!: Back 2 School (2020)

Release Date : 10 March 2020
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family
Runtime : 92 min
Director : Jillian Clare
Stars : Laura Krystine, Brisa Lalich, Jayden Bartels
Story : The story continues…at school.

Big Blue Sea (2020)

Release Date : 30 July 2020
Genre : Adventure, Drama, Family
Runtime : 93 min
Director : Maya Wong, K.F. Yuen
Stars : Tasha Chong, Heida Yeung, Mark Delecate
Story : A whimsical journey of a young autistic girl kayaking in Hong Kong water in search of perfect blue water for her pet Clownfish. Facing incredible odds and dangers, she finds the unexpected in her heart.

Four Enchanted Sisters (2020)

Release Date : 9 January 2020
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Family
Runtime : 97 min
Director : Sven Unterwaldt Jr.
Stars : Laila Padotzke, Hedda Erlebach, Lilith Julie Johna
Story : Based on Sheridan Winn’s book series "Sprite Sisters" about the magical adventures of sisters Flame, Sky, Flora and Marina.

Habaddi (2020)

Release Date : 2020
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family
Runtime : 110 min
Director : Nachiket Samant
Stars : Rupesh Bane, Karan Dave, Niranjan Javir
Story : When the news of his village’s school Kabaddi team travelling to Mumbai breaks out, a 10-year-old boy with a speech defect sees the opportunity to meet the girl he adores. But how will he chant ‘Kabaddi, Kabaddi’ without stammering?

Kruimeltje (2020)

Release Date : 5 February 2020
Genre : Family
Runtime : 78 min
Director : Diede in ‘t Veld
Stars : Viggo Neijs, Sabijn Dunnewijk, Victor Löw
Story : Reunited with his parents, Little Crumb is having trouble getting used to his new luxurious lifestyle. When he is abducted by an old enemy, he has to use the best of his new and his old life to escape and save his parents.

Little Miss Puppet (2020)

Release Date : 24 September 2020
Genre : Drama, Family, Musical
Runtime : 90 min
Director : Kalpana Ariyawansa, Vindana Ariyawansa
Stars : Jackson Anthony, Kushenya Fonseka, Lakshika Deshan
Story : A young girl distraught by her mother’s sudden illness finds solace in a beachfront carnival’s puppet show run by a mysterious ringmaster.