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Unthinkable: An Airline Captain's Story (2014)

Writers/Director : Eric Stacey

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : Marshall Philips, knowledgeable ad jet pilot, struggles to unscramble a mystery that's disturbing him. When he along with his adolescents are scene dead, local authorities attribute it a murder-suicide. Journalist Madison Freeman pursues answers.

Category : Crime, Drama, News

Country : USA

Runtime : 83 min Read more

Sportsman: Trophy (2014)

Writers/Director : Sascha Hughes-Caley

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : Details not specified.

Category : News, Sport

Country : USA

Runtime : 12 min Read more

Rapid Silence (2014)

Writers/Director : Ellen Raines

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : A description on how the wits functions with the predicament glioblastoma multiforme.

Category : Animation, Biography, History, News

Country : USA

Runtime : 3 min Read more

This Is A Sustainable Fish (2014)

Writers/Director : Kristen Harding

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : Everything you have to be compelled to familiar with just about downing sustainable fish hook, line, in addition to sinker.

Category : Animation, News

Country : USA

Runtime : 3 min Read more

I'll Wait (2014)

Writers/Director : Justin Copeland

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : A small grown-up contemplates his continuation following a happen on as anyways as gush accident, as anyways as his better half marvels what on earth has cropped up to her devoted husband, as anyways as the continuation they meet unsleeping with constituted together.

Category : Drama, News, Thriller

Country : USA

Runtime : 10 min Read more

The Principle (2014)

Writers/Director : Katheryne Thomas

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : "The Principle" brings to light up wonderful fresh scientific observations tasking the Copernican Principle;…

Category : News, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Country : USA

Runtime : 90 min Read more

A Fighting Season (2013)

Cast : Clayne Crawford as Mason, Lew Temple as Harris, Andrew Blazensky as Kevin Warrington, Carrie Paff as Rita, Jim Hechim as Mr. Warrington, Mikael James as Soldier

Director : Oden Roberts

Release Date : 2012

Plot :

Category : Drama, News, War

Country : USA

Run Time : 82 min Read more

Whistleblowers: The Untold Stories (2013)

Cast : Brittany Murphy as Herself – Deceased film star and witness in the Julia Davis / National Security breach, retaliation case (2012), Charles Durning as Himself – Witness in the Julia Davis case (2013), Barack Obama as Himself – US President, George W. Bush as Himself – Former US President, Bill Clinton as Himself – Former US President (2012), Richard Nixon as Himself – Former US President (2012), Henry Kissinger as Himself – Former Secretary of State (2012), Julia Davis as Herself – Former Customs and Border Protection Officer / Prevailing National Security Expert / Whistleblower, Eric Bolling as Himself – Fox News Host Follow The Money (2013), BJ Davis as Himself – FBI / IRS / SEC Whistleblower, John Mancini as Himself, Jerry Brown as Himself – Former CA Attorney General (2012), Eric Holder as Himself – US Attorney General (2013), Craig Sawyer as Himself – Former US Air Marshal (2011-2013), Alex Ben Block as Himself – Hollywood Reproter Read more

The Bob & Angus Show (2013)

Cast : Stacey Gordon as Claire O`Brien, Drew Kallen as Angus McPeters, Dean Steeves as Bob MacWordell

Director :

Release Date : 2012

Plot : News stock Angus along with Bob converse concerning board games, geek way of life along with ovine existence approach inside this cyber web sequences by Mayfair Games.

Category : Comedy, News

Country : USA

Run Time : 60 min Read more

Sun Flower: Himawari (2012)

Cast : Ayaka Saito as Akemi Ohara, Kengo Matsuzaki as Suzuki, Masaaki Kouno as Nekoda, Konomi Tsuboi as Hazuki, Seiya Nakano as Goushi Matsuda

Director : Kazuhiro Kiuchi

Release Date : 2012

Plot : 150 life behind the Great East Japan Earthquake, inside the absent town of Izu. Akemi, a babe cherish the Tohoku region…

Category : Drama, News

Country : Japan

Run Time : 66 min Read more