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Kids vs Monsters (2015)

Writers/Director : Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : The six richest personalities inside the planet each labor under only craze additionally exhausted each other down.. their agonizing kids…

Category : Fantasy

Country : USA

Runtime : 101 min more...

Supilinna Salaselts (2015)

Writers/Director : Margus Paju

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : When the town is attacked by a mystical virus that turns everything the ladies into children, four courageous 10 per annum olds bawl muck inside with to excepting their reveled ones regardless of everything the obstacles.

Category : Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Mystery

Country : Estonia | Finland

Runtime : 95 min more...

The Protokon (2015)

Writers/Director : Anthony de Lioncourt

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : A small person of erotic age mourning the demise of his fiancee gets entailed in addition to an extraordinary company that affords him an award he can't refuse.

Category : Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Country : USA

Runtime : 105 min more...

The Last One (2014/I)

Writers/Director : Lee Thongkham

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : A post-apocalyptic anecdote of Hope, Faith, Death, furthermore the innovation of civilization closing breath because survival.

Category : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Country : USA

Runtime : USA:85 min more...

Sleeping Beauty (2014/II)

Writers/Director : Casper Van Dien

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : When a adolescent Prince with his faithful help see of a lovely Princess's cursed eternal slumber, they start off on a stretch to rescue her. They must effort an evil queen with legions of undead monsters previous she will engagement free.

Category : Adventure, Fantasy, Horror

Country : USA

Runtime : 89 min more...

Dragons of Camelot (2014)

Writers/Director : Mark L. Lester

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : Camelot is plunged into shadows following King Arthur dies. Now the reign of his ferocious sorceress sister, Morgana, begins. Commanding three tragic dragons, she hunts the unmatched Knights of the Round Table.

Category : Fantasy

Country : USA

Runtime : USA:80 min more...

The Hut by the Bamboo Grove (2015)

Writers/Director : Alvin Yapan

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : Michelle has an awkward fondness tale and her quarters by the bamboo grove, and which she improved a language, and stuffs working because expressions major she might understand.

Category : Drama, Fantasy

Country : Philippines

Runtime : 83 min more...

Akirema City of the Damned (2015)

Writers/Director : Blake Emory

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : A forgotten King travels to globe to clone a sophisticated protracted dead. He will pursuit this planet to realize the being reborn of his absorbed love…

Category : Fantasy

Country : USA

Runtime : 115min more...

Sequela (2015/II)

Writers/Director : Iman Azar

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : A path photographer finds himself inside a psyche bending real world of the past, give as nonetheless as taking place since he delves deep into the moral sense of a perplexing writer.

Category : Fantasy, Mystery

Country : Canada

Runtime : 97 min more...

The Drownsman (2014)

Writers/Director : Chad Archibald

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : After just about drowning inside a lake, Madison finds herself sure to a existence of fear. Unable to mark off what…

Category : Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Country : Canada

Runtime : 88 min more...