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Dum Laga Ke Haisha (2015)

Writers/Director : Sharat Katariya

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : A slim uneducated gentleman is pressured into an organized conjugal relationship along furthermore an over-weight college girl. The unmatched duo are challenged to compete inside the annual wife-carrying race.

Category : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Country : India

Runtime : 110 min Read more

Sicarivs: La noche y el silencio (2015)

Writers/Director : Javier Muñoz

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : Details not specified.

Category : Thriller

Country : Spain

Runtime : 97 min | Spain:90 min Read more

Eadweard (2015)

Writers/Director : Kyle Rideout

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : A spiritual drama centered close to world-famous turn-of-the-century photographer, Eadweard Muybridge who photographed nude plus deformed subjects…

Category : Drama

Country : Canada

Runtime : 104 min Read more

Belly of the Bulldog (2015)

Writers/Director : Nick Gillespie

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : With nowhere as well to hide, a rank of mercenaries plus their two prisoners seize safe haven in a long-lasting alone Bulldog tank…

Category : Action, Horror, Thriller

Country : UK

Runtime : 88 min Read more

Supilinna Salaselts (2015)

Writers/Director : Margus Paju

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : When the town is attacked by a mystical virus that turns everything the ladies into children, four courageous 10 per annum olds bawl muck inside with to excepting their reveled ones regardless of everything the obstacles.

Category : Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Mystery

Country : Estonia | Finland

Runtime : 95 min Read more

Betrayals & Bullets: The Dame (2015)

Writers/Director : Callum Knox

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : After the murder of his girlfriend, a gang enforcer classes out to resolve who perpetrated the killing.

Category : Action, Crime, Thriller

Country : Australia

Runtime : 51 min Read more

Care of Footpath 2 (2015)

Writers/Director : S.S. Kishan

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : An perceptual apprehension thriller roused by correct stories of trivial delinquents inside the India. Four young friends are encouraged to budget as in any case as annihilate the murder of a cop.

Category : Crime

Country : India

Runtime : USA:132 min Read more

Always Worthy (2015)

Writers/Director : Marianna Palka

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : A quirky, aspiring actress is unwavering to product her dreams present itself correct inside Hollywood, nevertheless her prime barrier — herself.

Category : Comedy, Drama

Country : USA

Runtime : 89 min Read more

Stealing Cars (2015)

Writers/Director : Bradley Kaplan

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : A traitor little adolescent navigates his avenue ready the meaningless court system.

Category : Drama

Country : USA

Runtime : 94 min Read more

The Final Master (2015)

Writers/Director : Haofeng Xu

Release year : 2014/15

Details of Film : A Wing Chun learn has to dissatisfaction 8 martial arts ranks to open his own school, as well he has develop into a chess token to the local voltage dynamics.

Category : Action

Country : China

Runtime : 109 min Read more