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Worlds Apart (2015)

Writers/Director : Christopher Papakaliatis Release year : 2014/15 Details of Film : Three various narratives each expected a intimacy account between a foreigner plus a Greek. Each account represents… Category : Drama, Romance Country : Greece Runtime : 113 min

Late Night Double Feature (2015)

Writers/Director : not found Release year : 2014/15 Details of Film : During a belatedly dead night taping of Dr. Nasty's Cavalcade of Horror, bloody destruction eliminates spot minute screening two qualities (Dinner as Monsters along with Slit)… Category : Comedy, Horror, Thriller Country : Canada Runtime : 89 min

Tjuvheder (2015)

Writers/Director : Peter Grönlund Release year : 2014/15 Details of Film : The tale of two women's newfound friendship in addition to their endeavors inside Stockholm underworld. Category : Crime, Drama Country : Sweden Runtime : 92 min

The Walk (2015/II)

Writers/Director : Robert Zemeckis Release year : 2014/15 Details of Film : In 1974, high-wire artiste Philippe Petit workforce a lineup of groups of people to serve him comprehend his dream: to walk the hefty blank between the World Trade Center towers. Category : Adventure, Biography, Drama, Thriller Country : USA Runtime : 123 min

The Miracle (2015)

Writers/Director : Mahsun Kirmizigül Release year : 2014/15 Details of Film : 1960s Turkey countryside. A latterly imputed adviser finds out that the single village is off track a school… Category : Drama, Romance Country : Turkey Runtime : 136 min

Man in the Mirror (2015)

Writers/Director : Mark Margason Release year : 2014/15 Details of Film : When unemployed orphan Adam Palmer is tracked sip furthermore stalked by a square peg inside a train hole Doctor, he learns secrets around his earlier period he regrets forever knowing… Category : Action, Mystery, Thriller Country : UK Runtime : 115min

#Walang Forever (2015)

Writers/Director : Dan Villegas Release year : 2014/15 Details of Film : A screenwriter fraught to take for spirit has her continuation spinned upside drink as an ex-boyfriend out of the blue comes pitch inside with into her life. Category : Comedy, Romance Country : Philippines Runtime : 115min

Closet Monster (2015)

Writers/Director : Stephen Dunn Release year : 2014/15 Details of Film : A productive also driven little adolescent is desirous to flee his place of origin also the haunting memoirs of his turbulent childhood. Category : Drama Country : Canada Runtime : 90 min

Lost in Munich (2015)

Writers/Director : Petr Zelenka Release year : 2014/15 Details of Film : Sir "P" a 90 once a year aged gray parrot, recently in existence in addition to Edouard Daladier, the French perfection minister faithful because signing the Munich Treaty… Category : Comedy, Drama Country : Czech Republic Runtime : 115min

If You Know Me (2015)

Writers/Director : Gautham Menon Release year : 2014/15 Details of Film : A cop, little bit boxing an more matured rival, learns almost himself. Category : Action, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller Country : India Runtime : 168 min