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The Veil of Twilight (2014)

Cast : Ewen Bremner, Kim Bodnia, Kristina Knaben Hennestad, Thomas Aske Berg, Knut Husebø, Nils Utsi, Elisabeth Sand, Marianne Mæland Fredbo, Lars Mogens Aase, Karl Magnus Karlsen, Leif Nygaard Director : Paul Magnus Lundø Release Date : 2014 Plot : The probe of a strange serial-killer inside a load village, group inside Norway inside the […]

Piégé (2014)

Cast : Pascal Elbé, Laurent Lucas, Arnaud Henriet, Caroline Bal, Jeremie Galan, Patrick Gimenez, Rabii Benjhail Tadlaoui, Othman Younouss, Eric Aubrahn Director : Yannick Saillet Release Date : 2014 Category : Thriller Country : France Runtime : 78 min

Tranzloco (2014)

Director : Will De Los Santos Release Date : 2014 Category : Action Country : USA Runtime : 92min

Life After Beth (2014)

Cast : Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Alia Shawkat, Thomas McDonell, Cheryl Hines, Molly Shannon, Eva La Dare, David Dustin Kenyon, Jenna Nye, Michelle Azar, Chloe Searcy, Bechir Sylvain Director : Jeff Baena Release Date : 2014 Plot : Zach is destroyed subsequent to his girlfriend, Beth, impulsively dies. When she all at once rises fancy […]

Radical (2014)

Cast : Tom Sizemore, Ford Austin, Shahe Assilian, Eli Jane, Jericha Griffin, Josh Carmichael, B.J. Hendricks, George Cameron Romero, Libertad Green Director : George Cameron Romero Release Date : 2014 Plot : Radical centers on three American journalists allowed captive by extremists who vigor high-level government… Category : Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller Country : USA

Negociador (2014)

Cast : Melina Matthews, Carlos Areces, Ramón Barea, Josean Bengoetxea Director : Borja Cobeaga Release Date : 2014 Category : Comedy Country : Spain

Mayday Hill (2014)

Cast : Daniel Feuerriegel Director : Dean Francis Release Date : 2014 Plot : The abandoned Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum is well known for paranormal activity. When a couple, unaware of its reputation, move in to a house More : USA / 134.22 minute / English / Horror

Guía de turistas (2014)

Cast : Héctor Jiménez, Carolina Bang, Sandra Echeverría, Marcela Mar, Dolores Heredia, Eric del Castillo, Osvaldo de León Director : Christopher Hool Release Date : 2014 Category : Comedy, Romance Country : Mexico

Monumental (2014)

Cast : Luke Albright, AnnaMaria Demara, Geo Santini, John S. Howell Sr., Carolyn Quant, Baron Bodnar, Evan Royce Mitchell Director : Scott B. Hansen Release Date : 2014 Plot : Two little kinskith and kin vacation across the U.S.A to honor one’s mama by stretching her ashes at monuments she often dreamed of visiting… Category […]

Robot/Girlfriend (2014)

Cast : Angela Kerecz, Jacqui Holland, Bobby Kerecz, Alex Russo, Michael Emery, Seth Adair, Caitlynn Leigh Davidson, Sadia Brimm, Denisa Gokovi, Leo Kempf, Michaella Cunningham Director : Timothy Paul Taylor Release Date : 2014 Plot : This futuristic narrative poses the question, How may well a computer who is incapable of harming humans move solution […]