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Paradox (2014)

Cast : Fran Ervin, Richard Ervin, John Folds, Sana Munasifi, Holly Rone Release Date : 2014 Plot : After his mate is murdered inside a hit-and-run mishap by an extraordinary Hooded Man… Category : Drama, Romance, Thriller Country : USA Runtime : 103 min

Dorsvloer vol confetti (2014)

Cast : Yannick de Waal, Tom van Kessel, Steven van Watermeulen, Hendrikje Nieuwerf, Suzan Boogaerdt, Peter Barlage Director : Tallulah Hazekamp Schwab Release Date : 2014 Category : Drama Country : Netherlands

Colony 52 (2014)

Cast : Nicole Beattie, Steven Farris, Ed Conrad, Eric Garza, Robert B. Schneider, Becky Magda Director : Conrad Faraj Release Date : 2014 Plot : Two time subsequent to the kicking of the bucket of her father, Amber Heyman wages to her homeland of Waynesville, Ohio barely to judge herself becoming oppressed by an excessive […]

A Study in Red: The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper (2014)

Cast : Mischa Barton, Jack O’Halloran, Gia Skova, Samantha Fox, Isabella Jantz, Bruno Iannone Release Date : 2014 Plot : This murky perceptual thriller tells of the astonishing with macabre time that surround psychiatrist Robert Cavendish as soon as he inherits a decrepit… Category : Thriller

The Breathing Method (2014)

Director : Scott Derrickson Release Date : 2014 Category : Mystery Country : USA Runtime : 115min

Fractured (2014/IV)

Cast : Stephanie Kula, Geoffry Grasso, Michael Garcia, Paul Armstrong Director : Michael Oakley Release Date : 2014 Plot : Fractured is a shortest psychodrama anticipated Brendan, a machinist down like schizophrenia. Category : Drama, Thriller Country : Australia Runtime : 110 min

Salala Mobiles (2014)

Cast : V.K. Sriraman, Nazriya Nazim, Santhanam, Jacob Gregory, Geetha, Siddique, Janardanan, Mammukoya, S.P. Sreekumar, Tini Tom, Jose, Narayanankutty Director : Sharath Haridaasan Release Date : 2014 Category : Comedy Country : India Runtime : 129 min

The Studio Club (2014)

Cast : Christina Collard, Brian Krause, Mark Rolston, Kristen Barone, Kelly Fennell, Tiffany Glo Malloy, Jamie Lyn Green, Anny Franklin, Joshua Edward Moore, Dane Johnson, Katie Oswald, Nicole Steward, Eric Wang Director : Brian Krause Release Date : 2014 Plot : Studio execs along with aspiring actresses contest for the duration of Hollywood’s positive time […]

Texas Rein (2014)

Director : Rebecca Rogers Release Date : 2014 Plot : An ex-rodeo queen spinned unmatched mamma gets an urgent approach to go again conjugal as her under the weather father. Her sleepy hometown… Category : Family Country : USA

Chal Doctor Doctor Khelein (2014)

Cast : Sonel Singh, Saurabh Kumar Director : Saurabh Malik Release Date : 2014 Category : Comedy Country : India